Sunday, May 8, 2011


Well, I wasn't the most diligent student, I skipped several classes, and I didn't do my homework assignments often enough, but I did attend the "graduation" 5K for the Women Can Run program in Conway on Saturday...and I finished!  In fact, I was  number 506 to cross the finish line.  I was 41/72 in my age group, and my pace was 12.04...not the greatest, but I did meet a personal goal this weekend.  That's one that I can cross off my list!  There's a 10K in Russellville on May 21, and I think I'm going to go for it!

I'm still on track with my reading goal:  25 books this year.  However, I may fall behind after my decision to download Atlas Shrugged to my Kindle...but in all fairness, that book should count for at least 10 normal books.  When my mom texted me and told me I should read it, I should have researched it before going straight to Amazon to by the Kindle version.  1000 pages!  I've never read an Ayn Rand novel; I guess I'll finally figure out what the big deal is.