Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peace and Quiet

We had a very laid back Halloween.  Sarah, Courtney, and I stayed in and passed out candy to the neighborhood kiddos.  We were not prepared for that many trick-or-treaters!  We finally had to give up and turn the porch light off--we were down to a pack of Ramen and some chili beans.  (This was after passing out packs of applesauce, hot chocolate, and popcorn!)

We had some fabulous costumes.  And since there was only the three of us, we had an almost-theme going.  Together, Sarah and I were Peace and Quiet.  Courtney added some R&R.
Peace and Quiet......Get it?
Peace and R&R
My costume was a little challenging.  I couldn't talk.
Quiet (yeah, right!)
And since I haven't posted in almost a month.....here are some pictures from our pumpkin-carving party : )
Okay....more like a pumpkin murder party.....
Mine and Adam's Jack o Lanterns.  We're slightly obsessed with Angry Birds at the moment.....

Mine's the spider. Sarah's is the cat.
I guess that about wraps it up for October.  Maybe I'll do a better job of posting regularly in November....Probably not, but I'll try : )

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