Friday, March 14, 2014

5 on Friday

1.  Beautiful Running Weather

The weather Saturday morning was gorgeous!  I ran 2.21 miles with a pace of 14:42 pace.  
I have really enjoyed running with some coworkers in Maumelle's Women Can Run clinic.  We're in the Beginner Runner B group.  This week we were running 2 minutes, walking 3.  

2.  Hair Gets a Makeover

Saturday afternoon I finally had a much-needed hair appointment.  I last had my hair trimmed in November, and we haven't touched up the color since June.  My ends were flipping out everywhere and the color was very brassy-looking.  Does anyone else have problems with their color fading? 

Jean, my hair stylist for the past 3 years, will be celebrating 50 years of cutting hair this March! Jean is amazing, and I think she does such a great job with my hair.  I trust her completely!  She trimmed 1" off the ends and foiled a reddish brown in my hair.  It's very similar to my natural color, just with more red.  Even though she foiled it in, she said I could easily do this color all over, which I just might do in the future.....

Crazy as it may seem, I continue to use the same stylist even after I moved to Maumelle.   It's an hour drive, so I usually just make a whole day of it and catch up with some friends and places that I miss in Russellville.  After our hair appointments, Adam and I met up with my brother Andrew and sis-in-law Norma.  Norma took a few pictures of Adam and me for our 2-year anniversary.  Although the trees were still brown and bare, I think we got some good shots.  I'll be sharing some of those in a future post : )

After pictures, Adam and I returned to a favorite Russellville restaurant:  Stoby's.  We had many of our first dates here!  They still have the best cheese-dip and possum pie around!

3.  Recent Beauty Splurges
Urban Decay - Naked Basics Palette
Naked Urban Decay Basics.  Ordered mine from Sephora.
Benefit Cosmetics - They're Real! Mascara
They're Real! by Benefit.  Also ordered from Sephora.
I'm loving my new eye makeup!  The first day I wore this mascara, my principal seriously did ask me if my eyelashes were real!  This stuff is the bees knees!  

4.  My Go-to Necklace

This has been my favorite piece of jewelry for years.  I get so many compliments on this necklace (probably not because it's pretty, but because it's definitely unique.) I've been stopped in airports by complete strangers wanting to know where I got it/how I made it....they even ask to take a picture of it, so they can try to make their own!
About 4 years ago, a friend was helping me sew some aprons for Christmas gifts.  I hadn't bought buttons yet, so she offered this necklace up--she kept it in her sewing box for spare buttons!  I exclaimed it was too cute to cut buttons off, so she gave it to me.  Someone had crocheted this for her 20+ years ago, and she just didn't think it looked good with any of her outfits.  I wear it with just about anything : )     

5.  Blu-ray Finds

After our Stoby's date in Russellville, Adam and I went to Hastings to look at movies, books, etc.  It just so happened they were having a buy 2 get 1 sale on all used blu-rays and dvds.  I scored these three movies for just $13!  I was pretty proud of that : )


  1. Your hair looks GREAT! Isn't it amazing what a trip to the salon can do for a girl? My color fades quickly. I am in my late thirties and just started coloring my hair two years ago and I only get it done twice a year because it is so expensive. I only do it to cover my gray. I have the Naked basics palette and it is WONDERFUL. I also have the Naked and Naked 2 pallettes and love them just as much. They are expensive but they last forever.

  2. I just got my hair colored too, and it makes SUCH a difference! I had to laugh about your drive to your stylist...I still go back to NJ to get my hair done too :) Once you find a good stylist, there's no reason to switch!