Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Rock-n-Stroll!

I have been so motivated after completing the Women Can Run 5K a few weeks ago.  The director of the Maumelle WCR clinic sent an email after the graduation 5K with lots of information and motivation for those who want to continue their new-found "love" of running.  I definitely took her suggestion about Hot Legs, a running club here in central Arkansas.  I've already been to my first meeting and hopefully I can meet up for a run with some of these fabulous ladies later this week.  Arkansas Runner is another great site, which is how I found out about the Rock-n-Stroll 5K at Riverfest.  Adam and I bought our tickets to Riverfest a month ago, after he heard Third Eye Blind (one of his very favorite bands) was playing.  This was my first year to take part in Riverfest, so I figured I might as well do the 5K.

If you check out the Rock-n-Stroll registration page, it is advertised like this:  
Two words – Fun and Fitness!! Where else can you dress up as your favorite rock ’n roll star, cartoon character or just anything fun and run a 5K? In addition to prizes for runners there will be prizes for the best costumes and some great rock ’n roll music at the race conclusion.
To be sure, I google-searched images for this event to make sure other people would show up in costume.  The evidence was there, so I showed up like this.....

I almost backed out.  Adam went with me, and we got there about 45 minutes prior to the race.  As we were sitting in our car, I was getting a little scared.  Everyone else that I saw was pretty serious about this race....they were dressed in their very best running gear.  Not costumes.  Yikes!  I was almost too embarrassed to leave the car, but I finally decided "what the heck?"  It's not like I would know anyone there.

I really felt like a freak when I was headed to the starting line.  Adam, being the awesome hubby that he is, had gone back to the car to get my ear buds.  I was left there standing alone in my tutu.  A teenage girl stopped and asked if she could have her picture taken with me.  It reminded me of those people who dress up in Vegas and other touristy areas for people to take pictures with for tips.

I was soooo relieved to find "Katy Perry" and "Stevie Nicks" at the starting line.  Yay other crazy people!

Turns out these ladies are also members of Hot Legs.  Hopefully I'll have the chance to run with them again : )
I finished this race in 39:30--but we're not sure how exact this time was.  This race was much smaller than the WCR 5K, and they didn't have the little tags to track your time.  But I figure this time is pretty accurate.  Considering the hot sun and humidity, a 12:37 pace is about where I expected to be.  

Adam was such a good sport about tagging along with me....even if I did look ridiculous.  Later that night, we got to cross an item off his bucket-list:  Third Eye Blind Concert!  It was such a good show. 

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  


  1. I wish I could sport that outfit and still look as good as you do :-) I'm proud of you for going out like that!!

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