Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Running Progress

Saturday, I ran in the Women Can Run 5K for the second time. You may remember me talking about last year's experience here. The past few months have been a little chaotic with getting married and moving and adjusting to the commute....I wasn't able to attend the training clinic regularly (only made it 3/10 times. I get the worst-attendance award!).  I did most of the training on my own. I wasn't very consistent with my running until the end of April, but I was worried it was too late to really make much progress and that I couldn't improve on last year's time. (But I did!) I'm going to try to keep training this time, even though the WCR clinic is done until next Spring 2013. If I'm not mistaken, the whole point of the training clinic is to help women achieve a healthier lifestyle by getting them STARTED....and I should continue running on my own. That's what I neglected to do last year. Here's hoping I do better this year!

So how did I do? I completed the race in 36:36, beating last year's time, which was my ultimate goal. I started the race in the 13:00/mile group, but I actually had a pace of 11:49/mile. What surprised me the most is that I didn't take a single walk break! Even last year, I had to walk every 8 minutes or so. Here are some pics of the big day:

Just before the race.  I'm one of the red dots in the back :  )

Crossing the finish line.
The Russellville team one best T-shirt design.  Our "Runnersville" shirts were a hit! 
Yesterday I registered for the Rock-n-Stroll 5K at Riverfest in Little Rock. Participants are encouraged to dress up in costumes as their favorite rock and roll stars. Or just dress up as anything! I'm not sure yet what costume I could come up with. Any ideas?


  1. You are so cute even after running a race ... how do you do it?!

    Congrats on beating your time. And not taking a single walk break -- I'm impressed!

    If you have any wedding pics with the bridesmaids necklaces in them, I'd love to see them and do a post about it :)

  2. Toni Basil, "Hey Mickey" You would look so cute in those perky pigtails.