Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 10: Den Haag

We spent the morning with Frank. Ada had to work. We went to downtown Leiden and did some shopping in the market. Frank say he has an egg McMuffin every Wednesday morning...he skipped the we got to go to our first European McDonalds. Their McFlurries are made with fruit and waffle cone chips...why don't we have that? That would be much better than oreos!

We passed a dessert shop. Frank asked us if we wanted to pick some up for our lunch. Naturally we said yes...with the assumption that the pie would follow a sandwhich...Nope! We had pie for lunch. And it was delicious.

This afternoon, Frank drove us to Den Haag. We'll be staying here for the next 3 nights with Katherine's great aunt Desiree. She is a character, let me tell you! I think we're really going to enjoy staying with her. Almost as soon as we had arrived, she had pulled 2 old bikes from the shed, handed us maps, and pointed us in the direction of the beach. I have not ridden a bike in YEARS! I guess it's true what they never forget how to ride. However, for me, getting on was a bit feet were no where close to touching the ground...and the bikes were so old (er...vintage, I mean) that the seat couldn't be least the breaks sort of worked. We found our way to the beach, and after a 5-minute stroll, we realized that clothing was optional...we were on a nude beach. No pictures will be added to this post later.... : )

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