Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Craic Will Be Mighty! Ireland, Day 4

Our tour director Elva taught us this new word today.  I decided to look it up on Urban Dictionary to make sure I was using it correctly : )

Craic:  Irish word for fun/enjoyment that has been brought into the English language, usually when mixed with alcohol and/or music.  Fun doesn't really cut it though. General banter, good times had by all. Also, a person who is good fun/great company.

Try using it in a sentence......
It was great craic. She's great craic when she gets going. He's great craic when he has a few pints on him. What's the craic? How's the craic? The craic was mighty. 
Tonight, "the craic was mighty!"  A few of us visited a local pub called O'Donnell's.  There was live music, and it was quite entertaining great craic!  Today, I decided to come up with 10 things.  I guess I'm feeling ambitious (or really, the coffee hasn't worn off yet.  I'll probably regret that in the morning when I'm falling asleep on the bus!)

1.  There was too much shopping involved on today's trip.  Expensive shopping.  And of course I had to indulge....you're supposed to buy these things when you're in Ireland!

2.  I really like Australians.  We typically sit with them at dinner.  They were great craic at the pub tonight!

3.  I don't think I like whiskey.  I drank my complimentary Irish Coffee.  But honestly....after the cream was gone, I lost interest.  

4.  I definitely don't like whiskey.  I tried a local drink that Elva suggested, a Patty's & Red (I think that's right....).  It contains whiskey, of course, and a red/pink lemonade.  Not my cup of tea.

5.  I do, however, like Guinness.  I a small sample for the first time today.

6.  I need to brush up on my Irish folk songs.  I know many of the tunes but not the lyrics.  And I'm sure no one would have been impressed if I had sung them in solfege at the pub.

7.  I try to get in some exercise each day.  Today, I rock-lifted.  Adam was not impressed.....

8.  "What's the definition of a bachelor?      Someone who hasn't made the same mistake twice."
     "How can I miss you when you won't go away?"  Just 2 of the great lines we heard in the pub.

9.  Johnny Cash seems to be really popular over here.

10.  We went in search of our pot of gold......unfortunately, there was none to be found.  That's really going to put a damper on my shopping!

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  1. Love this post!! I'm impressed with your rock-lifting. :-)

    Bring me back an Australian!!