Sunday, June 10, 2012

Greetings from Ireland (We DID finally make it!)

We have now been up for 31 hours.

We literally hit the ground running. I wish I was exaggerating. Since our flights were delayed, we ended up starting our tour a day late. We were crossing our fingers hoping we could catch up with our tour director and group before they left for the next destination. (We don't often stay in the same town for more than one night.)

It turns out that Shannon Airport is a LOT smaller than I expected--nothing like flying into Heathrow! We were the only incoming flight that early, so we were through customs and had our baggage within 10 minutes. I also was able to call my tour director for the first time and found out we had time to meet them in Limerick before they left.

Oh, and our Irish taxi driver, Patrick, was way friendlier than any London cabi I've ever met.

We got to our Limerick hotel in time to meet Elva, our guide, put our luggage on the bus, grab a coffee, and then we were off.

I can't give a full recap right now--I just couldn't give it justice. Here are a few pictures so y'all can see what we've been up to : )

Cliffs of Mohr
Rathburn Farm
Connemara Marble

And let me just say, there has been a lot of geology mentioned on this trip. It made Adam super happy!


  1. So glad you made it there finally and that you caught up to your tour guide. Phew! Enjoy your trip!!!

  2. Yay!!!!! I am SO glad to know that you caught up with the tour. I stood in those very same places at the Cliffs of Mohor, only the tide was up so the water was violently hitting the rock and making the craziest sounds. Isn't is awesome?! I just like that we have stood in the same corner on another continent. :) We got the Irish connection now. I am jealous that you got to watch the shearing. Irish wool is amazing. That was the one souvenir I bought -- a wool scarf (in Dingle at the Wool Shop -- if you go to Dingle -- go there :) ) I can't wait to follow your blog because it is already bringing back memories. So happy for you!