Monday, June 11, 2012

Ireland: Day 3

My blogging time is very limited. So for now, I will leave you with 5 things. I promise to write a more detailed account later : )

1. "Keys, Teeth, Husbands," is what our tour director says each morning before we depart for our next destination. Check, check, check!
2. We found the perfect church--if we'd had our wedding in Ireland.
3. Signs are not only practical, they're entertaining.
4. It's getting increasingly hard to stay awake on the bus. We're the youngest people on this tour and the first ones to fall asleep!
5. Adam is on a geological field trip. "Man, I wish I had my rock hammer!"

Pictures are in random order (thanks Blogger app!) Can you match the correct picture to the correct number, haha? (Note: not all 5 have a corresponding picture.)

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  1. Confessions, counseling, toilets......... really makes you have to prioritize!